Why he shot Dr. Albert so Germany

Why does Baltazar refuse to sell the cage to the doctor? Why Montiel does not want to receive the cage as a gift from Baltazar?         Baltazer refuses to sell the cage to the doctor as he has made it just for Montiel but at the end he actually has it made for Pipe, who was his son.

He thought Montiel had ask his son to make him to create a cage but that wasn’t the case. Montiel did not want to receive the cage as a gift because never as for one to be made and he was not planning to pay him.What is a “labyrinth? In Borges’ story how is the mystery of the labyrinth solved?.        A “Labyrinth” is a maze.  Yu Tsun a German spy travels to Dr. Albert house pursed by Captain Madden. Dr. Albert is a sinologist, which is someone who studies the Chinese culture.

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Dr. Albert coincidentally has a a garden made identical to Ts’ui Pen which is Yu Tsun ancestor. Dr. Albert tells Yu Tsun that he has solved the riddle of the lost Labyrinth. Tts’ui Pen was writing a novel called The Garden of Forking Paths arguing that this novel is the labyrinth. Yu Tsun sees Captain Madden approaching and ask him to see the letter written by his ancestor.

Dr. Alberts back is turned and Yu Tsun kills him. He later revels that he shot Dr. Albert so Germany knows which town to bomb as it has the same name.Who is Lazaro? Could you describe the conflict between Lazaro and Don Manuel? How at the end is Lazaro coming back to Catholic Faith? What Don Manuel thinks about hell, evil and resurrection? Could you find the contradiction between the person and the priest?        Lazaro is Angela’s brother who comes from the new world.

When coming back from the new world he could not believe the amount of poverty. The conflict between Don Manuel and Lazaro is that Don Manuel does not believe in what he preaches to town, in having faith in Jesus and the after . Lazaro comes back to the Catholic faith when his mother dies, her dying wish was for Lazaro to be converted by Don Manuel. At the end Lazaro begins to admire Don Manuel for what he is doing for the community, giving them some faith in a place where people wouldn’t find it. Don Manuel doesn’t believe in hell, evil or resurrection. The contradiction between the priest and the person is that he doesn’t believe in religion or in why the town believe in him which ends up leading him to a depression.


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