Why way marketing managers carefully plan the

Why technology is
giving tough time for industries to go along with technological changes to
improve their operations?

is probably the greatest agent of change in the modern world. While never
without risk, technological breakthroughs promise innovative solutions to the maximum
pressing global challenges of our time. Introducing technological trade into a company offers a different set of
challenges to management than does the work of competent venture

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The managers responsible for shepherding a technical
innovation into routine use are a great deal equipped by education and
experience to guide that innovation’s improvement than to manage its

Following are the factors which lead to
technological changes improvement:

A dual role

Those who
manage technological change have to often deal with each technical developer
and implementer. As a rule, one agency develops the technology and then hands
it off to users who are much less technically skilled but informed and
knowledgeable about their own areas of utility.

Marketing perspective

A marketing
perspective also helps prepare an organization to get hold of new technology.
Many implementation efforts fail because someone underestimated the scope or
significance of such preparation. The organizational hills are complete of managers
who believe that an innovation’s technical superiority and strategic
importance will guarantee reputation.

Framework for Information

Just the way
marketing managers carefully plan the studies through which they’ll acquire
crucial product information so implementation managers need to expand an
iterative almost accordion like framework to guide decisions about when and
how to collect needed information from all businesses affected by an

Multiple Internal Markets

The higher
the organizational level at which managers define a hassle or need, the
greater the possibility of successful implementation. At the same time, the nearer
the definition and solution of problems or needs are to end-users, the
greater the opportunity of success. Implementation managers must draw up
their internal marketing plans in light of this obvious paradox.

Safe Innovation

There are
two motives for undertaking a pilot operation before introducing an
innovation across the board in a massive company. First is to serve as a test
and prove technical feasibility to top management and second to function as a
credible demonstration version for other units in the organization. These two
purposes are not always friendly.

Fear of Loss

As we
discuss about the deskilling capacity of latest computerized technologies has
grown, unions are in search of retraining for their members whom automation might
displace. Many organizations are upgrading the status of their workers who’re
compelled to trade hard earned manual abilities for the often dreary routine
of button pushing.


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