Why good with a cellphone camera and email

Why cellphones are so important in business.
Even if cellphones are often cited to have many disadvantages that range from eye-sight issues to forms of addiction, they have many other uses as well, positive ones to be precise. Apart from being an excellent companion during the hours of boredom when we tend to be relegated to minor employment positions that do not demand an “alert focus”, cellphones are must-have in the business environment.
Due to its flexibility and convenience, we can take advantage of cellphones to create short videos based on the working process of staff members in the workforce and share it via social sites so that the public could be able to get at least the slightest idea of the discipline in the company and whether the goods they produce satisfy the customers’ needs.
Furthermore, saving the moments when the customers are “over the moon” because of the product they have purchased would be a very pleasant idea, since this could turn into another nonstandard means of advertisement to boost the business.
With cellphones it is also possible to send product photos to potential customers at any time. For example, when having customers calling or emailing us who intend to ask about a new product, it is better and easier to take images of the good with a cellphone camera and email them a visual while we are still having conversation with the customer, which helps increase our chances of making an instant sale. Or we can use our cellphones to create various online brochures so as to email them to the customers.
Today, many employers have too many business cards scattered on their desk, which may be irritating to look at after the prodigious amount of work they perform daily. A good solution would be to use a mobile camera to store them digitally. An app such as CamCard to scan a digital version of a business card and to add scheduled events for a later follow up could be used for this purpose.
Another must-know use of cellphones is the possibility to create a visual checklist for employees. At some points of work life, we can encounter employees sloughing off or ignoring the daily checklists set by the employers, that could have unwanted effects in the work environment. To alleviate this issue, it is better to send employees the lists with visuals of what the end result of each task should be.
In many massive corporations, we may witness tones of documentations flooding the garbage bin. Sometimes these files turn out to be very essential, since they have been thrown out accidentally due to inaccurate filing or by the mistake of ‘tired’ manager. Assumingly, once an important document is destroyed, a colossal damage to the business may be expected. Hence, would it not be a good idea to store them all in our smartphones’ memory?
As you may see, the uses of smartphone go on endless like a colony of ants. The way they helped us in many stages of our business life is what we all must admit that without this grandiose invention of mankind, we would still be using conventional method of communication, product delivery and life as a whole.


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