Why a flower and thought to yourself

Why a FlowerHave you ever seen a flower and thought to yourself what hard ships has this simple thing has gone through? Well, while asking my friend what describes him best, he replies to me, “A flower.” My interest piqued by this statement he made, I proceed to ask why he chose a flower. While talking to him doubts about his gender popped up in my head, but because of the reasons he gave me these doubts slightly went away. Here are some of the reasons Mark has said.The first reason which my friend told me was because a flower is a determined organism.

He explained to me that a flower has determination to grow strong and beautiful. As he explains about his reason of choosing this thing to represent him, more doubts cross my mind. Finally, a reason which slightly alleviated some of my doubt came. He said that he would like to grow strong like a flower, strong and tall.Further interviewing my friend, I asked for another reason on why he gave me the item “Flower.” He told me he has the independent characteristic of a flower.

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While telling me this I immediately compare him to a feminist, but while I was thinking of this he told he that he is independent like a flower. A flower makes its own food in order to grow, like the flower he can learn on his own and grow. Now, unlike the last reason, this slowly cleared the doubts present in my head.Without even asking, my friend gave me another grounds for selecting this object to represent him.

The reason “A flower is complex yet simple on the outside.” was given to me. This again raised doubts in my head as I remember that women are complex creatures. He said that even though his outside self looks simple the way he thinks is very complex. After completing my interview of him, I have come to a conclusion that he is an independent, strong and complex creature. The flower symbolizes most of his personality.

He can grow independently, he is a determined creature and he will overcome any obstacle thrown to him by life. Though whatever maybe his personality, he will still be my friend, Mark Lozada.


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