Whooping their vaccination courses. Teenagers and adults

Whooping cough is often caused by people coughing and the spreading of disease. Since it is highly contagious and easy to catch. These bacterias attach themselves to our cilla in the upper respiratory system and releases toxins that causes airways to swell. Whooping cough tends to affect children who are too young to complete their vaccination courses.

Teenagers and adults whos immunity has faded can be affected too. Bordetella Pertussis is everywhere, it’s just our immune system fighting off the bacteria.Whooping cough is caused by others coughing around you. When you cough, tiny germs droplets spray into the air, and others breathes it in.

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Thus being infected by the disease.Genetic analysis of the strains of DNA in Bordetella Pertussis shows that whooping cough exploded in the middle ages, around 500 years ago instead of 10,000 years ago.


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