Who approaching the Eastern Roman capital of

Who were the Visigoths
The Goths were one of the two main branches of the east Germanic tribes. The other tribe was called the Ostrogoths. They disturbed the late Roman Empire during the migration period, succeeding a Visigothic force led by Alaric I’s sacking of Rome in 410. After the fall of the western Roman Empire they played a big role in western European affairs for over two and a half centuries. The first proof of the division of the goths existing was in 291. Cassiodorus, a Roman who served Theodoric the Great, came up with the name to match that of the “Ostrogoths”, terms that he thought to refer to eastern and western goths.
What were their intentions
As far as I have found the main intentions were to invade the Rome, on august 24, 410 the Visigoths invaded Rome which at that time was not the capital of the Western Roman Empire, The Visigoths were led by Alaric. When Theodosius died on January 17, 395, after his death the Visigoths considered that the peace treaty which was formed in 382 was over. Alaric led his warriors back to their lands in Moesia gathered their finest warriors and instantly rebelled, invading Thrace and was approaching the Eastern Roman capital of Constantinople. Rufinus negotiated with Alaric to get him to withdraw from invading Constantinople, it may have been an offering of land in Thessaly Never the less Alaric left not touching Constantinople. This was not the end Alaric marched towards Greece
What was their economy
What were the societal roles

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