“Who inspired Juliet to seek Friar Laurence,

“Who or what is most responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?”Why is it that we as human beings feel the need to blame someone for every negative situation, which occurs? If we really look at the situation with any great depth, we may discover that an almost endless amount of things may be 'blamed' for the tragedy. Blaming an individual is pointless – only fate can really be blamed.

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was of course their suicides at the end of the play. Now because this was not a direct attack (It was not a murder or anything of that kind) No one, or indeed, anyone could be blamed. We could look back to the beginning of time to find who is responsible, but really, it wouldn’t solve anything, it can only spread hate, anger, and guilt. For example, it could be said that the inventor of iron is to blame. He discovered how to make a metal, which was later developed into a sword, which Romeo used to kill Tybalt, which resulted in him being banished from Verona, Which inspired Juliet to seek Friar Laurence, which made Friar Laurence give Juliet a potion, which allowed her to fall into a deep slumber, which deceived Romeo into believing his love was dead, which inspired him to drink poison, which triggered Juliet's suicide. Every person and thing along that line, as well as the discoverer of iron, could also have been to blame. At first glance, this story of the discoverer of iron being to blame may seem rather silly – and it is, however, many other theories are also.

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If we look at things closely, we may find that this man was even more to blame than others who are more traditionally blamed. Some characters who are more commonly blamed are Romeo and Juliet themselves. With their headstrong personalities, and love, which seemed so sure, they had in fact condemned themselves. Romeo was the first to promote the relationship at the Capulet’s party.

It was a case of 'love-at-first-sight' for him, so he felt obligated to seek Juliet at her balcony, and charm the engagement into existence. However the reality was that the relationship was predestined before it had even began due to the parents’ hatred for one another. Romeo knew the two families didn't get along, so he also should have known that the relationship was ill fated, yet he still persisted in promoting the relationship. Surely he could have controlled his urges and stayed in the bushes in front of Juliet's balcony on the night of the Capulet’s party. On the other hand love is often considered an impulsive thing, and Romeo being an impulsive person only made the matter worse.

An example of Romeo's impulsive behavior was when he chased Tybalt after Tybalt killed Mercutio, which resulted in Tybalt's death. Romeo was horrified with what he had done, and expressed that he felt very irresponsible by crying out; "O, I am fortunes fool!" Some may say that Romeo's reactions were only out of love, but does that really make him any less to blame? I’m sure that when the photographers chased Princess Diana in her car, that their intentions weren't evil, yet if anyone asks 'Who is to blame for the death of Diana?' they will instantly be told that it was the photographers fault. It does take two to tango. Juliet also promoted the relationship, and was too stubborn to listen to her parents’ wishes. It was originally Juliet's idea for the two to wed in the first place. "If thy bent of love be honorable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow by one that I’ll procure to come to thee, where and what time thou wilt perform the rites, and all thy fortunes at thy foot I’ll lay.

.." Juliet also could have avoided disaster had she respected her parents’ desires more. Things would have been far easier had Juliet married Paris as her parents wished her to.

Instead she was very headstrong about the situation. "I.

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