Who Is The Rich And Famous Couple essay

Rodney Boyd Mrs G Break ups of the rich and famous The rich and famous couple that I am doing is rapper Wiz Khalifa and video model Amber Rose. This couple is very well known and very wealthy. In the article that read it states that the break up was initially started by infidelity from Amber Rose and supposedly two weeks later Wiz Khalifa than slept with a set of identical twins in one of the homes that Wiz and Amber shared together.According to the article that I read and the interviews I watched on both Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose she did not cheat on her husband the marriage was rocky and Wiz stated “I dont want to be married to her nymore” and suggested that she cheated on him first so he would have a reason to deal with another woman outside of their marriage.

Amber made a statement saying she knows that they are going through things and all couples do but they would work it out as soon as he gets back from tour.Unfortunately they didn’t get the chance to make it work after she walked in on him cheating with the twins in one of their homes. The couple both decided to file for divorce mutually. I feel that the breaks up of the rich and famous are the same from common people the only thing that makes them ifferent is that they are breaking up in the eyes of the public to where everyone not only people In a small city but people across the world and these people make their own perception of the whole situation.Being in the public eye would only make a break up harder because everyone is in their business. Other than that it is still the same regardless if people have money or not they are still human and no one knows exactly what goes on behind the closed doors of the rich and famous. would not want to be famous and rich in a time like this because being famous brings the whole world into your personal life.

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