Who It is absolutely obvious that the controversy

Who is better at the wheel – a man or a woman?There is still no clear answer to this question ….

A group of 4 people, 2 men and 2 women sat in the car whose driver was a women– Damn, the wheel went down!- Absolutely?”No, only from below.”It is absolutely obvious that the controversy about who better drives a man or a woman, began when the first lady sat behind the wheel.Myth about the lady behind the wheel as a potential threat on the roads, like Lenin in the mausoleum – he lived, and probably will live for a long time among the part of the population, whose statistics are not a decree. No matter how many studies are carried out that refute the superiority of male drivers over women, the voice of some offended macho is always heard in response. In some cases, he finds a trick in the research methodology, in others he appeals to common sense phrases like “well, it’s obvious!”, And when with arguments it’s bad, he goes on to stories from his own life about how he’s got some kind of ” goat “recently pruned and did not even blink an emergency.

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What is even more sad is that many women are also convinced that nature has deprived them of their driving talent, and they happily hand over the wheel to her husband.Representatives of the fair sex catch up with men – motorists more and more, the numerical superiority of the macho will soon cease to be dominant. According to statistics, in Russian driving schools for many years the number of students has increased by an order of magnitude. And in the training cars to see now the guy with an instructor can be extremely rare. Yeah – the times when the profession of the driver was purely male, irrevocably sunk into oblivion.

Data. In the US, the number of women motorists turned out to be more than the number of men for the first time since 2010. In the UK, the same boom of women’s motorization is expected in the foreseeable future. Other countries in the world are also not far behind, including Russia. Starting from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the wave of auto fans slowly spread to other major cities of the country. Surgut, with its yearly growing automobilization, and did break out into the top three cities, where per capita there are several cars.But whatever one may say, frankly contemptuous attitude to the female driver is common in almost all countries of the world to this day.

However, stereotypes are destroyed by stubborn statistics. One of the studies was conducted by the British insurance company Elephant. Its specialists have done a great job analyzing data on 200,000 insurance cases for a number of parameters – age and sex of the driver, the presence of victims and victims, the amount of damage – and compiling a series of comparative tables. The results of the study are striking: for drivers under the age of 25, the difference in the cost of an accident for an insurance company is 15% – not in favor of men.According to the American Automobile Association, the average man compared with the average woman has a chance to die in an accident by 77% more.

In Russia, most often, the perpetrators of large accidents with serious consequences are also men. Although the actual statistics that separate road accidents on a gender basis, in our country is practically not conducted …By the way, according to numerous experts, women do not like very much when men criticize their driving style. A lot of such ladies, who do not tolerate when they are given advice.

Summing up, it can be said that the existing stereotype studies are only increasing. Men lead aggressively and ruin themselves in accidents. Women are cautious drivers, whose shyness and fussiness behind the wheel cause small accidents.


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