Essay small sum of money. The reason for

Essay title: Whispering Wooods

Once upon a time, in a land miles away, lived a boy and his mother. They had their house built on the outskirts of The Whispering Woods for a very small sum of money. The reason for such a small price was because the woods were said to be haunted. Heart stopping noises can be heard once the suns sets and darkness blankets the sky. The boy wasn’t very much liked by his peers because he was very hot headed and was known to explode at the slightest comment directed toward him. He also thought of himself as a god and found no task to be impossible.

But what no one knows is that he has a fear of the dark and starts to panic when he confronts it. One day his mother approached him and asked “Would you do me a favor and run along to your aunt’s house, she has one of my recipes and I need it to make dinner.” The boy, being obedient said “I will go right now and be back as soon as possible.” “But before you go,” added his mom “make sure you take the trail around The Whispering Woods, I don’t want you getting lost once it gets dark in their.” Already out of the house, without hearing his moms warning he screamed “OK, I’LL BE BACK AS SOON AS I CAN” and jogged straight through the skin of The Whispering Woods.

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He thought nothing of it until he started coughing from the cold penetrating his chest. He slowed down a bit and finally came to a complete stop taking a seat on a moist log. He then noticed the shocking truth, it was dark. He breathing started to get more rapid as the second went by.

He heard those sounds that he heard at his house every night but more amplified knowing what ever makes them is close by. He started to run and.

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