While of his creations as well as his

While displaying an obsession and a thirst for alchemy, science, and god-like powers, Victor also shows unnatural reactions to the abandonment of his creations as well as his response to the quality of his familial relationships. For example, Victor mentions how “life and death” appeared to him in “ideal bounds” and how he would someday “break through” and “pour a torrent of light” into his version of the “dark world” (Shelley 51). Because of Victor’s incredible drive to find the answer to immortality, he becomes unnaturally obsessed with the action of animating a being. Clearly, Victor can no longer be compared to a human instead a monster would be more suffice as he strives to have the same unattainable powers of a god. Not to mention, Victor marries his stepsister, Elizabeth, but his relationship with her seems to be based on possession rather than true love, because Victor envisions that “Elizabeth was only to be mine” (Shelley 44). Unlike humans, Victor is unable to reciprocate the various characteristics that come with a mutual relationship, because he perceives Elizabeth as a prize rather than a loved one due to his own selfishness.

Similarly, he admits to his murderous acts by stating that he “in effect, was the true monster”(Shelley 75). Victor’s admittance to his own murderous acts is very unnatural as he further strengthens his monster-like qualities. By not sending a letter to his family for several years, Frankenstein abandons any version of familial relationship. The decay in guilt for not contacting his family, shows Victor’s lack of compassion. In a mirror like way, Victor abandons his creature thus causing the death of his brother, best friend, wife, and two innocents because he decides not to reveal to anyone about his creation or attempt to fix the dangerous problem.

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These unfortunate events could have been avoided if Victor took the opportunity to teach the creature morals, and help him adjust to society, but Victor decides to leave the creature to fend for itself for years. The creature isn’t the monster, the strings that pull him are, and in this case it is clear that it is Victor Frankenstein.


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