While it’s no secret that some of the most tech-savvy branding experts could tell you that the first rule to be successful online is authenticity, that also comes with a caveat. After all, one on one interactions can only be gauged as a ‘success’ based on the energy or atmosphere of that situation. It involves a mutual bond, one of those things never said but understood.

One of the best pieces of advice I could give in this realm is to throw out all your terms and instead think of them as interactions. Instead of ‘engagement,’ you’re having a conversation. Instead of ‘retention,’ you’re catching someone’s attention by reminding them you care.

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And instead of ‘networking’ or ‘connections,’ you have conversations with friends. I know this sounds almost insulting, but sometimes it’s necessary to be reminded of the core roots to why we all do this in the first place. am a serial entrepreneur, marketer and advisor to Fortune 500 brands. My growth strategies have been recognized by Fortune, Fox, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Inc.com, and more.


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