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Which story does Anne Cassidy want to tell us in the book with the terrifying name “The Dead House”? A girl named Lauren comes back to London after a big part of her life spent with her aunt and uncle in Cornwall. She stays only a few streets away from her childhood home, the place full of terrible memories about her family tragedy.

When she was 6 years old she woke up and found her baby sister Daisy suffocated by a pillow and her mom lying on the floor dead. Her father was standing, holding a knife in his hand. Lauren told everything to the police and her father was put in prison for the crime. Now being in London, going deeply into the history of the house, remembering some details of that night Lauren comes to terms with what actually happened to her little sister and mother. She understands her father was innocent. Lauren who hated her father all these years looks at him from an absolutely other angle now and does her best to rebuild a relationship with him. This book is definitely one of the best! It teaches you to be critical.

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It says you shouldn’t easily believe things even though they seem to be true. The consequences can be irreversible. Lauren is a very strong young lady in my view. Those scary things that happens to her don’t break her.

She goes through everything, brave enough to face the truth and to accept she was wrong. And that is how I think every person should do – be able to accept mistakes and learn from them. The book is well-written with an intriguing plot line. I liked all the twists and turns of the story that make it so unexpected and made me as a reader look forward to the conclusion that also is fantastic. The flashbacks surrounding Lauren’s mother’s and sister Daisy’s death is also something good in my opinion.

They make you understand more, help you to create mental pictures as you read the book. Yet I didn’t like the way Cassidy described unimportant things in detail too much. There are some parts in the book that aren’t related to the story and because of that it isn’t interesting to read about them at all as they make no sense.

However, I liked the book. I would recommend it to the fans of horror as the book contains a good deal of horror situations. 


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