which his head above it bending sideways…

which muffled even the other side of the narrow street, brought him little encouragement and comfort.

” (6) This is foreshadowing the glimmer of light and hope that the gray fog overcomes. Gregor is in complete denial of his insect state. He hopes that if he lays still enough then this will no longer be his reality; that his human form and ever changing state of mind will revert back. “And for a little while he lay quiet, breathing lightly, as if perhaps expecting such complete repose to restore all things to their real and normal condition. (6) After his transformation Gregor opens his door to his family and the Chief Clerk.

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You can only see part of his body and head. Kafka portrays the morning light shining in the window and how others will now be able to see Gregor. He can see out, but others can now see in and be repelled by his new form. This alienates him further from them.

The light shines onto the hospital outside his window as if to remind him that he is in the dark. He then sees the hospital clearly as an epiphany for help, but then a dark gray place unattainable out of his reach. “Only half of his body was visible and his head above it bending sideways… The light had meanwhile strengthened; on one other side of the street one could see clearly a section of the endlessly long, dark gray building opposite — it was a hospital.” (13) Gregor will be left in the darkness isolated in his bedroom that he now has to stay inside all alone, without everything and everyone he cares about.

He can no longer live his regular routine of going to work and he has been cruelly ostracized to this dark and lonely place. He is engulfed in the darkness and continual alienation in his room and the cruelty of the leftover belongings and junk being thrown in there with him. He is being treated as if he is part of this junk.

The darkness


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