Where The Sidewalk Ends essay

Silversides uses rhythm and repeats some lines to make sure the reader can fully take in what he is writing. He rhymes line three, four and five when describing the imaginary place to make it the place even more appealing for the reader.

In line 13 and 14 Silversides reuses lines to make a strong final statement describing the journey to the imaginary place beyond the sidewalk. Specific devices Silversides use in this poem are metaphors such as “asphalt flowers” (L. To describe what constitutes as nature in the city he is describing in the second paragraph which shows the only beauty to find in the city is manmade.

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Another device he uses juxtaposition to contrast between the clean, natural and beautiful place beyond the sidewalk and the city that is dirty, dark and gritty. Also Silversides uses symbols such as “the chalk-white arrows” (L. 14) to symbolize that the only way to get to the place is through embracing a child like view of the world.Silversides uses two line sentences in each of his first two paragraphs for flow but changes up his pattern in the final paragraph reusing two lines to help add effect. To start each paragraph he uses a capital in the first word to add an effect and grab the reader’s attention when Page 2 reading the poem.

He uses pauses throughout the poem so without a capital after a pause then the line would sound dull but the capital adds power and strength to the lines. Also he uses these pauses so lines can sink into to the reader.Sultriness’s choice of diction connects to the meaning and theme because he describes a light and peaceful place beyond the sidewalk using cheerful and happy words then switches to a dark and gloomy city and uses harsher and bleaker words to describe it. Clearly he uses this to show that “The place where the sidewalk ends.

” (L. 1 6) is a much better place because it relates to the theme of reality and shows how an imaginary world is so much better then inside the real city where people deal with tough situations and survivable everyday.

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