Where helping others and it shows others that

Where is the love? Love is EVERYWHERE but for a purpose of a messed up reason it’s hidden away. At this point in our generation we tend to hide weakness away along the line of emotions and LOVE due to the fact that you get judge. we should be able to express feelings and emotions without getting judge. Expressing Emotions and feelings are considered weakness but it shouldn’t really. This stops us from helping others and it shows others that we are just insensitive people that doesn’t show feelings. Where we start forgetting the true meaning of real love to the point where we don’t even wanna know anymore. But for us to bring love back we have to get it back the true meaning and demonstrate it again.

In the world we lived in right now when bombing, terrorism and discrimination happens people often wonder if there is still love? In the song “where is the love?” in media there are showing wrong information which is misleading, it shows only the negative side of the situation and not the positive sides but i know that it is important to see both side of the circumstances. There is so much cruelty, hatred and criticizing in this world that people will start realizing the situation and will try to make a difference through showing love to others.

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Love mean so much to me it’s a way that everyone can communicate with, everyone can express it if chosen too and it’s a way that shows we care. If it weren’t from showing weakness we wouldn’t know what strength is and know how to indicate a certain emotion.

Love nowadays just a 4 letter words that been used so many times that it lost what it truly means. Been used by people not knowing what is the actual means it’s not just a word it’s also a responsibility because love can only be proven through action. It means accepting someone from who they really are without condition and other such things that “proves love”. Being able to trust them is so important.


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