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Mrs. HarrisEnglish II – IS9 November 2016Where I’m FromI am from sandy grains,from the River Nile and the River Styx,I am from the hustle and bustle,from The City that Never Sleeps –traffic slowing to a crawl.I’m from time flying by so very quickly…“fuggedaboutit!”I am from the country’s Northeast–from Coney Island Beach breeze and from calm seas,the mile-long lines at amusement parks and the Washington landmarks,from “Yankee Doodle Doo” to my father’s savory barbecue,always watching the Sunday Patriots game proudly on my dad’s old 32-in.

T.V.I am from watching morning cartoons until the afternoon,.from Tom and Jerry and Winnie the Pooh,reading the old classics: Charlotte’s Web and Where the Sidewalk Ends,I’ll never forget becoming a Spy Kid..

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Memories… I’m from memories, memories that never fade.ReflectionThroughout my poem, the figurative language and form/sound choices I chose help to create a recurring theme of memories. Memories are very significant to me, and they are what my “Where I’m From” poem is based on. In the second stanza of my poem, I chose to use the rhyming scheme form choice. Usually, rhymes are used for the specific purpose of rendering a pleasing effect to a poem, which makes its recital an enjoyable experience.

In this case, the rhyming scheme helps represent the vivid pleasantness of my memories of living in New England. I faced many unforgettable experiences in my old home in New York, and to convey those memories, I employed the use of a rhyme scheme to signify the joy they caused me to experience. Based also on memories, I used the form choice of syntax/poem structure; the last line of each stanza in my poem stands out, in that it is indented, as opposed to the other demoted lines in the stanza. These lines each convey very specific memories that hold special meaning in my heart.

For instance, I always recall the memory of watching football with my father (line 12) because it was an enjoyable experience for me, one that I will never forget; therefore, I found it necessary to differentiate these lines from the others to show the importance they have to me. As for figurative language, I used personification in line 5, stating that the “traffic slows to a crawl.” In New York City, this personification symbolizes the recurring memories I have of driving in slow and long traffic. This memory is especially important to me because I experienced it daily on my way to school, and this personification illustrates that specific memory clearly to the reader. I used a hyperbole in line 10, stating that amusement parks have “mile-long lines”. As a child, when my parents took me to an amusement park, I always detested the extremely long lines, ones that I always remember because of how tortuous and extensive they were.

This hyperbole describes the negative connotation I connect with these long lines, but those memories are still significant to me, however. Finally, I used personification in line 6, stating that “I’m from time flying by so very quickly…” Overall, throughout my life, I feel that time is passing speedily, so I try to relish the memories I have already made. This personification represents how I feel that memories are essential, since time will continue on, but memories last enternally.

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