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In “Salvation” by Langston Hughes and “The Reason Why We Sing,” the dynamics shown in “Salvation” lacked in the young mind of Langston. Langston didn’t feel spiritual nor did he feel Jesus came to him.

In “The Reason Why We Sing,” African American tradition showed great ambition to spirituality and how they came together on every Sunday to praise the lord. This was seen in “Salvation” but not by on character. In “Salvation,” Langston was brought to church and didn’t see God or Jesus but very one else was praising the lord because Jesus was in them and they al knelt on the ground and praised him as the priest asked when they saw Jesus. Langston on the other hand felt alone because he didn’t see nor feel Jesus in him. As he watched everyone in prayer and seen Westly lie to just get done with church b kneeling because he “felt Jesus in side4 of him.” “The Reason Why We Sing” portrayed in detail Langston Hughes’ story of hoe the people acted with how “the heart of traditional African American religions is the emotional experience of being filled with the power of the spiritual.” The way the people acted in church in an energetic manner with loud song singing, screaming “Amen,” preaching, and holy dancing.

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The dynamics involved how the tradition has been carried over form generation and envision the youth to prayer and bring everyone to be equal on every holy Sunday. The rich and poor were all dressed in the cleanest and nicest clothes and were hard to tell apart. They are all of Gods children and on every Sunday.

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