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When you first walk by PacSun the first thing you will see are two big glass windows where it tells you what the big sale is that day, also you can see the whole layout of the store with merchandise on all the walls and tables. PacSun is originated and created in Southern California so most of the merchandise is urban, mainstream fashion, and fashion that is “in” at the time. The main marketing tactics PacSun uses in their store are to put merchandise that famous rappers, celebrities, and brands like Champion, Guess, and Adidas at the front of the store. To get teenagers and young adults attention to come look in their store and shop around. PacSun, being dominant in teenager and young adult consumer reports, does a great job marketing with putting clothes in the store that make teenagers and young adults feel so call “cool”.

Schor states, ” The promotion of cool is a good example of how the practices of marketing to teens, for whom social acceptance is even more important, have filtered down to the children’s sphere. In a recent survey of 4,002 kids in grades 4 through 8, 66 percent reported that cool defines them ” (Schor 219). In High school and social media nowadays appearance is mostly everyone’s top priority because people want to either get compliments or likes on their pics on instagram. PacSun will also have some famous celebrities or artists on a big poster wearing clothes that they have laid out inside their store targeting the teenage demographic. Celebrity endorsers are great for marketing to teenagers because those are their role models, and they look up to them the most, other than their parents. PacSun also as the store lights pretty dim.

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Young adults especially me love being in dim places because it makes us feel comfortable. Walking in a store where the lights are so bright you have to squint when you first walk in is not a good sign. Another store that uses this tactic is Hollister. While the lights are dim there are clothes on both sides of the store where lights are spotlighting the clothes, almost guiding your eyes toward them.

The merchandise in the store is divided into sections. Men clothes are on the right, women clothes are on the left, children clothes are in the back left, and shoes are hung up on the back wall. All of the merchandise in the store is mainly streetwear, skatewear, mainstream fashion, and most importantly festival fashion marketing more to the young adults than adults.

Seeing that the children section had a small little section in the back left of the store, PacSun is catering way more to the teenage and young adults demographic. The stock when I went in store was mainly jogger pants, sweatshirts, and jeans. Knowing that winter is around the corner they are deciding to get a head start on winter shopping. They do a good job with changing clothes with seasons, because in the summer season they had more of shorts and t-shirts rather than jeans and sweatshirts. Compared to other stores in the Promenade Mall , PacSun is kept small and simple.

It is one small store separated into two gender sections. There are signs everywhere located in the store that indicate what brand is in that section and what sales are going on for each item. Each sign has font treatment that makes it look modern and cool. A photograph of models smiling with the sun shining giving it the Southern California beach vibe tends to be on the background of each sign.

The font treatment mixed with the photographs gives the shopper a better experience to shop at PacSun. The photograph itself is intended for the viewers to picture themselves in place of the model. The photographs featured on the walls and windows that show model teenager living it up in the sun. These are purely attracting to teenagers.

This type of media preaches that the festival lifestyle is desirable, catchy, and fun. The photographs copy pictures seen on Tumblr and Instagram. Viewers of these shows and users of these websites dream about living a life that is seen on social media and tv which they see most of the time when celebrities post them on their accounts all of the time. They try to relate and want to live the life of the characters in those shows and people in these photographs. The photographs are meant to convince the teenagers in the store that they want to be those just like those people in the photographs and that it might be possible if they purchase the clothes in the store. The photographs in general creates an idealized lifestyle.

The environment of the store was happy and free spirited. As soon as I walked in I got greeted by an employee asking me if I needed any help finding something. The spacing in the store was good because you could maneuver through aisles easily while there are a bunch a people around.

After looking around the store more closely I realized that there is a specific organization of the store. It goes from general to specific. The store is first separated into men’s and women’s. Then it goes from brand, product, color, and then size. For example, they had a big Adidas table with clothes laid on it as soon as you turn into the mens section. They also had sweatshirts and T-shirts hung up on the wall right behind the display.

The clothes are then arranged from extra small to large. This type of organization makes shopping a whole lot easier for the customer. Like many other stores, raw materials are used as the to hold clothes on, shelves, walls, etc. in the store. PacSun also has dark floors to contrast with the wooden shelving and walls.

The raw material gives the viewer a more city like feel which has been in trending for the last few years. An example would be the Guess display in the PacSun store. The display is created using wooden pallets and metal pipes. The sign “Guess” is hung by a wire over the clothes on the table. This specific atmosphere makes the store as a whole feel more home feeling.

Customers look at this and try to get the same style in their own personal home. In the end, these structures used to display these clothes makes the customer want to purchase or at least try on the clothes it is displaying. When writing this essay I felt that I was a limited to observing a lot more information because of how tiny PacSun is. Even though the store is tiny it is going to bring in a lot of customers because of the location, and the types of clothes that they sell.

Customers who walk into PacSun are buying basically to feel like celebrities on the style that they dress, and to feel cool. Since it has started to make their company more about the Urban culture, their amount of customers are going to keep growing. PacSun adapts to teenagers and young adults allusion about having to have designer clothes to fit in. After writing this essay I do observe retail stores better, and why they put certain things in places.


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