When that did not happen. My dog

When you adopt a pit bull, you have a friend and companion for life. Everyone is biased when it comes to certain breeds, but they do not discriminate the humans who train the dogs that way. I have a pit bull myself and when I first got her when Iwas a puppy, she was the sweetest thing ever. Even now she still is, and she still has not grown out of that puppy stage. She is the happiest dog I have ever laid eyes on. She is a blue and red nose mix and when that happens the mother tends to die while giving birth to the litter, but this time that did not happen.

My dog is very loving and cuddly, and is not all that vicious at all, even when she sees a stranger. She just wants love and to give affection, so she always gets excited and sniffs all over the person she is meeting for the very first time. My dog weighs almost close to the amount I do and she does not realize how big and strong she actually is.

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She will just crawl into your lap and try and take a nap right there. Therefore, pit bulls are so trainable and can be excellent therapy dogs.


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