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When training your employees, you can’t put together a training plan and expect your employees to go along with it with no additional information, there should be some level of consultation before anything is implemented. Management may not always have enough, or relevant, information to implement a training plan, by consulting your employees you now have access to a wide range of information that can assist in implementing a beneficial training plan. This will also make your employees feel as though their opinion is important and that they are an integral part of the organisation which can result in a devoted and loyal employee. Through consultation, you’re able to identify what training plan will match your employees needs. For example, I am currently developing the cover for our next catalogue. I am familiar with the basics of the software I am using but my general manager came to me to ask if I needed someone to teach me how to use the software. I advised him of my current knowledge and skill of the software, but I was not comfortable using the more advance functions. Through consultation, my general manager has identified what I already know, what I need to learn and what training to implement to ensure I learn this. Sometimes putting your employees straight into training without consultation can make them think that it is a personal problem and can lead to resistance and resentment of training. This is important to avoid if you want your employees to be willing to learn, by involving your employees they’re able to self-reflect and it will promote involvement and agreement to the training.


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