When a few years but I finall

When I ran out to the road , jem was screaming and Mr Ewell was on him. He dropped jem to the ground and ran over to scout and tried to pick her up so he could hurt her too, but that wasn’t going to happen as at that moment I grabbed him and before I knew it I stabbed him-he was dead on the road with a knife stuck into the pit of his stomach but the murder that I had just committed was the last thing on my mind, I picked up jem and carried him to his house when we were in jems room and scout was telling everyone what had happened. Then scout said two words that made everything worth it. She said “hi boo” these two words meant so much to me as I now knew that jem and scout now know that I am a good person who would always be looking after them because they were now apart of my life. They were my kids.It took me a few years but I finall


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