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When authors use language of a sexual nature the connotations and the visual pictures which are not necessarily appropriate for all. Referring to sexual acts like looking at girls curves and naked women in magazines can aloot to many things that yes a middle schooler may learn about in their lifetime, but not necessarily how a parent would want them to eventually experience. Junior is certainly, as many boys do, enjoy looking at women for their curves and how they make him feel when he masturbates. Unfortunately the connotations that are presented by him are not necessarily appropriate for middle schoolers and the way the parents want their children to learn about these acts. Also it really does not say much for women and how they are looked upon. Another inappropriate reference that Junior makes is stated in the quote below while referencing where he likes to stick his dick in.

Rowdy’s language and connotations are unfitting for middle schoolers. The way Rowdy represents sex or intercourse projects it in an unfitting way that a middle schooler should be introduced or to sex. Physical and mental abuse is hard for anyone to handle, no matter the age. When experiencing or being indirectly involved with an act of abuse one can do things that can not be taken back and impact you forever. When two men that are friends with Junior’s dad abuse one another the act impacts everyone, in one way or another, This act of mental abuse affects others significantly by the effect it had on their emotions. These acts of what alcohol can do to someone mentally and physically should again be introduced by a parent and not what a child reads in a book.

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A middle schooler may not understand all aspects of the dangers alcohol can have mentally and physically and should have appropriate explanations to help them understand . The exposure of mental, physical and child abuse by the young reader should be read with caution and made sure an adult has talked over what is being read. Rowdy and his mother are abused on a regular basis by the father.

mental and physical abuse unfortunately occurs in our society all the time. When reading this book or any others that reference these abuses, Middle schoolers should be cautioned and taught about all aspects of mental and physical abuse ahead of time so that they can understand all that is being read


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