When Atticus with an empty gun because

When Atticus says that Mr. Cunningham is basically good but has blind spots like everyone else I think he means that Mr.Cunnigham is a good hearted person, however he is blind sighted due to the reality that black people are actually equal to white men. Atticus is different from the men at the jail at night because he respects black men and understands that the content of a person’s character is more important than a person’s skin color.Waiting for the verdict is similar to the mad dog scene because it demonstrates that the all-white jury has full control over the situation, and it is in their hands whether or not Tom Robinson will live. It also shows the violence of the situation because a mad dog is violent towards people and the all-white jury is violent towards Tom Robinson so that is how the verdict is similar to the mad dog scene. It also like watching Atticus with an empty gun because he is helpless at the current situation, no matter how hard he can/may to prove that Tom Robinson is innocent. There really is nothing Atticus can do because the jury will come to the conclusion that Tom Robinson is guilty because of the fact that he is black and there is racism towards blacks during Maycomb in the 1930’s and the setting during the trial takes place in 1935, so because racism and segregation are legal during this time, even if it is true that Tom Robinson is innocent he will be found guilty by the all-white male jury.The basic difference between Atticus’s and Alexandria view’s is that Atticus judges an individual by the content of one’s character rather than the status Aunt Alexandria cares more about the status of an individual and judges a person based on wealth quo, while and popularity. Another difference is that Atticus doesn’t really care about “perfect families”. Instead Atticus values being honest, being equal, and also appreciates hard-working people. On the other hand, Aunt Alexandria views the Cunningham’s as garbage because they are very poor and don’t have an education, since she has a lot of bias towards the Cunningham family. Lastly Aunt Alexandria also is narrow-minded and has a small imaginary world where only wealth and education are the only things that judge whether a person is good or not, whereas Atticus is open-minded and is willing to accept anyone regardless of color, wealth, and is even willing to fight against society if the person follows the qualities that Atticus values. Therefore, in Atticus’s eyes the Cunningham’s are not garbage.Jem has to forget “something” because it can show that he is growing up and since the trial was a very troubling and tough experience for him to handle because Jem is having a hard time processing the reality of the situation at the courthouse so he is forgetting it and ”storing it away” until enough time has passed. What this actually means is that Jem is trying to forget about the situation and wait until he is older so that he will be able to process the reality of the situation more properly.I think Scout’s view is more accurate that there is only one kind of folk because I honestly believe that all folks are equal regardless of what race, sex, or heritage that you are from. We are all still human beings and there should be no segregation since we all belong together. I think that Scout’s perspective is that there should only one kind because it relates to the the theme of social inequality that everyone is equal and no one should be separated based on any means. Social inequality means that everyone is not equal, so by saying that there is only one type of folk ,Scout’s point of view is more accurate compared to Jem’s statement since he is only talking about a social class which is only one small element to developing the theme of the book.Miss Gates is hypocritical because in class she tells her kids that Hitler persecuting Jews were “one of the most terrible stories in history, yet Scout remembers a conversation between Miss Gates and Stephanie Crawford outside a courtroom. Miss Gates lets Miss Crawford know “it’s time somebody teach them a lesson…..the next thing they can think is to marry us”. Miss Gates is talking about the black people who are living in Maycomb. Scout ponders about how a person can be so careless towards her own people who are living in Maycomb, yet care for the Jews who are more than a 1,000 miles away.


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