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When we talk about the health and sanitation for refugees in camps, it is veryimportant to understand what refugee is. According to the United Nations HighCommission for Refugees (UNHCR), a refugee is someone who has been forced toflee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. Among the rangeof problems faced by the refugees, lack of proper sanitation and healthcare is animportant issue that needs immediate attention from the global leaders and thisdelegate believes that this committee will be a successful one in addressing thecomplications in hand. A refugee camp is a temporary accommodation forrefugees. 7 of the largest refugee camps in the world are situated in Kenya, Jordan,South Sudan and Tanzania.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis(TB) and Hepatitis are just some of the communicable diseases in refugee camps.Other than the aforementioned ones there are various other diseases that areinversely affecting the wellbeing of the refugees such as parasitic infection andmental health. Mental health is a factor that requires a lot of attention as it issomething that affects each and everyone who goes through the turmoil of movingfrom one’s own country to another country (at times very far away) in the state ofan emergency. Parasitic infections are also very common in most refugee campsand require a proper solution. Lack of Sanitation is another factor, which must beaddressed, and a water-borne disease such as cholera is one of the diseases, whichmight result.

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The possible actions and safeguard measures that can be undertaken should be wellsought out enough to tackle the problems in hand. The Russian Federation hasalready started out its funding program for Palestinian refugees in the near east. Wewill be providing US$ 2 Million per annum from 2017 to 2021 to support theUNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency).

This will ensure primaryhealthcare for 3.5 million refugees and assistance for 250,00 vulnerable refugees.Even though Russia does not have the easiest of processes to accept refugees intoour country, we are open to help and further donations can be arranged upondiscussion with the member states in the committee. The delegate of RussianFederation believes that the following steps can be possible solutions to the issues:? Acknowledging the issues in hand and carrying out in-depth field researchto find out the root causes of the problems.? Assigning doctors in various steps of the camps to ensure sanitation andhealthcare to those in need.

? Screening the incoming refugees and outgoing refugees from camps toblock out diseases from entering or leaving the camp.? NGOs and LEDCs must give non-monetary support like expert healthcareworkers and volunteers who can also carry out campaigns inside the campsto make the refugees aware of the problems they might face and everydaysteps required to overcome those difficulties.? The country that contains the camp must ensure the quality of the campsand make sure that badly structured camps are not the causes of diseases.? Invitation to private sector companies can make 3 rd party donations toNGOs, UNHCR and WHO to help aid the problems in the campsFinally, this delegate believes that with proper communication and multilateraldialogue in the committee we can come up with a proper resolution addressing theagenda in hand.References:1. https://www.cdc.

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