When a country’s population increases, the number

            When a country’s population
increases, the number of consumers will increase alongside it, involving the
purchase of different kinds of products or services that fit their needs, with
advertising playing quite a big role with influencing the consumer’s decision
on what they will purchase. At the same time, enterprises use different forms
of advertisement such as the newspaper, magazines, television in the form of
commercials, billboards, and also social media as a key to influence and catch
the consumer’s interest and attention which easily increases their awareness.
The effects of advertising products are based on the consumer’s behavior
because a successful marketing in advertising a kind of product lies on the
consumer’s behavior – likes and dislikes, and their wants as well and the only
way to influence their purchasing decision is to reach out and connect with the
customer’s satisfaction based on their needs and wants.

            Brand image increases the
opportunity for the consumer to buy the product because the brand image is
either well known or famous in the eyes of the people, making it easier for the
consumers to believe that it will be a secure and have some form of trust when
purchasing the product, also with the quality of the products makes it good for
them, affordable with its price range, non-frustrating and it will not
disappoint. But aside from the brand image influencing the attitude of the
consumer through the means of advertising, it can also influence consumers not
only by the brand image alone, but with seeing a famous personality or
celebrity they like, or rather, the right spokesperson who endorses the
products and services that become crucial to achieve the goals of advertising
and with that, it can also make consumers believe that the spokesperson
advertising the product may have experienced and showed the worth of the
product, and it shows minimal traits of power and honesty to persuade the
consumers on purchasing the products and services and with the right spokesperson,
the credibility of  them will be shown
and raise the popularity of the brand that become effective on the consumer’s
attitude through advertising. Apart from brand image and the credibility of a spokesperson,
Enterprises also want to strengthen the impression of their audience through
advertising by just repeatedly broadcasting the advertisement that can be
possibility help the consumer to remember the product and it will have them an
intention to purchase it at the moment, however, too many times of advertising
can makes the consumer bored of repetitive advertisement or even worse that
they do not like to buy the product, so enterprises should be more careful
about advertising frequency and it should make it more effective and have an
impact for the consumer toward advertising.

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