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what’s populism? It’s The appealing to the people, in exact words the way a member of a political party that represents the interests of the people. Knowing what populism is, would I personally consider Trump a populist? According to the way he governs, I wouldn’t. For instance, the reasons for why I wouldn’t consider him to be a populist is because I don’t seem to find that he consider/represents the interests of the people, and he doesn’t  position himself to represent being populist.to me the word populist doesn’t seem to fit him and the definition does not represent a hundred percent of himself.  “Somebody else who has never shown any regard for workers, has never fought on behalf of social justice issues or making sure that poor kids are getting a decent shot at life to have health care.” I understand that before Trump became president he rarely had shown sympathy for the poor or working class, but its not just a one time thing, it’s looking out for society and taking the consideration of the people. In the article they have even claimed hime to have used populist rhetoric during the campaign but abandoned the populist ideas once in office. They even found that the wealthiest Americans would be the biggest beneficiaries for the Trump’s tax proposals, Trump influenced money in politics. He may talk like a populist but doesn’t men he governs like one. on the contrary, the way he governs doesn’t seem to act like a way a populist would govern, I think he kind of lost his representation to the people. In the article, the New York Times wrote, “Trump styled himself as a populist during his campaign.” Does he really consider himself a populist, the way he acts and the way he speaks among the people? Well as Barack Obama said, “They don’t suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes.” It’s totally different when campaigning to speak in a populist manner and take the interests of the people, than just saying things to get votes to win the election. According to me I think he was more into the votes he wanted to get than actually taking in consideration what was needed to do. He can talk and say things as a populist to the people but he may not be the same way once winning and having the honor to become president. I’m not going to lie though, he is a popular, but his actions don’t stand out as people might have expected them to. Anyone who is campaigning can speak and say things as if they were a populist but then they won’t seem to stay a populist, yet there are others who do keep there word and represent and take action as a populist. For example, Andrew Jackson, 1829 he became president. He was a man that would represent the people. He swore to protect the interests of ordinary citizens against the corruption of the elite.Trump is something different, hes not like the others who have became president. The things he want to do and they way he supposably looks out for society. I feel he doesnt think both ways, he thinks one way, and whatever he wants he wants it done. There will always be those people who dont benefit much from some sort of things. To him he goes for what he thinks is best. Maybe because he speaks as supposed populist does not mean he is considered one. Actions speak more than actual words. Like I said before my position would be hers not a populist, for the fact of the way he governs and seem to only understand the working class Americans.


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