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What Women Could Have Been?At the start of the 1900’s women’s separation was seen at every turn.In fact it was a long road of change that many females faced and many tried to persevere.It was impossible for these women to break down these walls and barriers.For if they had accomplished female change in America the roles of females would have been much more different in society today.For these women I see a future full of opportunity, had women been successful in their push to vote, their need for education, and proving their worth during the war effort.

If any or all of these events happened that the women were so adamant about seeing change in, then their lives would have been drastically enhanced with changed. I feel that women’s struggle for equality in today’s society comes out of the inability to vote.Throughout Susan Ware’s novel Letter to the World, voting is seen as catapult for fairness and equality.It is said that if women had the right to vote that they would have voice and be able to involve themselves on the same playing field as men in the political arena.The fellow First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt said it best when she stated that “Women must learn to play the games as men do”…”Throwing mud from the outside won’t help.

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”If this message had successfully been seeded in the female publics mind and taken root then a true political movement would have taken place.In retrospect this would have given women the right to form groups, change laws, and become more then just the male society’s doormat they. Education is another aspect vital for women’s growth and if it had worked it would have almost entirely changed every facet of today’s work force.If the average women would have got involved in helping make education a top priority, then education for women would have been entirely possible.If there were big groups and rallies of women behind the education reform, than there would have been a gradual acceptance for education.Instead the reform was put into the hands of very few women such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Thompson, and Margaret Mead.These women worked hard to push for their right to education in a world of male dominance and they would have succeeded had the rest of America got on board for the fight.Eleanor Roosevelt came from a well educated family and when put in the political spot light as First Lady she always pushed for education at every chance that was presented and the American public never took note of it.Another well educated female is Dorothy Thompson.She attended Syracuse University where she studied journalism, in her writings she tried to open doors, but ended up closing them, when her writing styles didn’t compare to her male counterparts.Lastly, Margaret Mead a graduate of Banard College tired to show the world her views on Anthropology when she published the book, Coming of Age in Samoa, which never became popular, because of a lack of readers.If these women would.

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