What carless acts. Some of the townspeople were

What would you consider ” The Boston Massacre ” a mass acre or a terrible tragedy? I would consider this as a terrible tragedy. March 5, 1770 is a day that none of us could forget. This terrible tragedy claimed the lives of many people. On this horrible day the British soldiers and the townspeople decided to partake in such carless acts. Some of the townspeople were causing riots and rebelling because the British were in town. The townspeople formed mobs and harassed and provoked the British with makeshift weapons.  After what seemed like a while the British had enough and fired into the crowd. The shot that was fired killed three people .After this happened war between the British and the townspeople. Two men wounded later died from their wounds, and six others were left wounded. About five people were killed and six were left injured. It is said to believe that Captain Preston is the one to blame for the terrible tragedy. But on the other hand, many others are saying that he did no wrong. As the crowd of townspeople grew Captain Preston feared for his men. With all of his might he did what he could do to try and hold off on the townspeople. But, unfortunately to him it was working very well. Someone from the mob struck Captain Preston. After this, it flued the British into opening fire on the townspeople. The soldiers reacted without any orders from Captain Preston. Captain Preston and eight of his men were arrested for the horrible crime that took place. Captain Preston and his soldiers were put on trial for the massacre. Although he was innocent had had not given to order to fire he was out on trial. He was acquitted from the trial. So, as I said before The Boston Massare is a very terrible tragedy. All of the non-scene going on between the British and the townspeople could have been avoided. This was simply foolish act between two groups of people. One group (townspeople) which harassed and provoked others. And you have another group (British) which open fire unto the other group. Then you have a man who to some people is innocent and to other who is guilty. We may never know the truth if Captain Preston gave orders to fire upon the townspeople. Once more again I say to all of you this was a very terrible tragedy that could have been avoided in so many ways. March 5, 1770 is a tragic that that innocent people lost their lives.  


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