WHAT production.· Detergent powder manufacturing.· Metallurgy and

WHAT IS POWDER MIXER?Mixing is the process of moving every particle to its exact position compared to the other particle and avoid segregation of already mixed materials. Powder mixer is a machine which enables mixture wet and dry ingredients into a slurry fluid. This instrument is used in various sectors – food industry, engineering process, pharmaceutical industries and various other sectors.

There are two types of powder mixers – Twin shaft mixers and single shaft phlauer mixers.POWDER MIXR HISTORY:Blending and mixing is an inevitable process in various sectors and It’s has come a long way from olden days handmade instruments to automatic machines. They are also referred to as blenders and liquefiers. As demand increased, it increased in versatility and they are improvised so much to reduce noise and are produced in various models to meet customers demand.UNIT OF POWDER MIXER:Since the element added to the powder mixer can be quantified they are usually measured in kilograms and the liquid added is measured using liters.

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And based on the type of product needed – dry powder or slurry liquid various elements are added and blended together in different concentrations to get the desired product.ELEMENTS TO BE CONSIDERED WHEN CHOOSING A POWDER MIXER:· Less process times.· Precise mixing.· Consistent and good quality product.· Eliminates lumps, clumps, and chunks.· Economical, reliable and efficient use of resources.

· Low maintenance cost and running cost.· Efficient use of resources.APPLICATIONS FOR THE PRODUCT:The instrument is used in various industries from food to pharmaceutical to engineering process to personal care.Few of the main applications are:· Pesticide and herbicide production.· Detergent powder manufacturing.

· Metallurgy and powder coating.· Water treatment and purification process.· Textile and leather industries – finishers and scouring agents.· Welding flux, mosquito coils etc.Technology has improved so much and we’ve come a long way. Its high time we stop wasting your valuable time, money and energy on outdated, over-sized machines which consume lots of energy.

Thus, choosing a product which is not only going to give you the desired product but also will make efficient use of the resources and reduce unnecessary costs is essential in long run and for a quality product.   


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