What People Remember Shapes essay

Memories help shape our reality and their everlasting presence is a privilege that we have to understand ourselves as soul entities in our own worlds. Our memories and experiences from a young age shape our reality and what we see as our identity. As youngsters our understanding of who we are is very little. We are often too worried about seeking adventure and amusement that we do not take into consideration much our identity and who we really are. We all have an identity and how much we understand of it has a lot to do with how our memories and experiences have shaped our realities to who we are today.

Through experiences and memories we build for ourselves a reality and we can see this through Keith and his experiences with his domineering father. Through experiencing abuse from his father and control, Keith builds a reality for in which he mirrors his father’s trait in possessing dominance and control over his one and only friend, Stephen. This signifies how Kith’s experience leads him to hold an identity of an oppressor when he is in is his own playing field with people his age. Likewise, as we go through school we see bullies and right them off as horrible people.

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But often are these bullies’ victims themselves of abuse and themselves use abuse on others to free their minds of the burden of their own trauma. What they understand of their identity consists of oppression both on the receiving and distributing ends of the spectrum. Like this complex identity, we see also how ignorance from which experience is the catalyst can also flaw ones reality in this day and age. We can see this through racism and a particular example is the young girl who axially vilified FALL superstar Adam Geodes.

At the time she did not think her comments were racist and this shines light on how ignorant people can be to society demands. Even though society demands likewise, the girl and likewise other racists, sexists and homophobic seem to be trapped in their own ignorant to society understanding which stems from their experiences, memories and how they were brought up. Our identity is something that we hold close to our hearts and how mulch we understand of our identity is pivotal in defining our connection with reality. Our memories and experiences elf us form the identity that as humans we value to the greatest degree.

We remember things differently and alter realities to remain in what we understand as our own construct. Humanist and author Edward Boles once said “We remember what we understand; we understand only what we pay attention to; we pay attention to what we want. ” This quote highlights the nature of humans to manipulate situations and realities for their own respective needs and desires. Memory is very powerful and philosophers often argue that without memory we would never be able to know anything ND thus never understand.

As humans we rely on memory, and within its intricate existence, we utilize memory in various ways. For instance through selective memory we choose what we want to remember and ignore other memories that mean little to us. How we exercise our selective memory comes back down to what we understand as reality and what we liken to reality. In a bid to remain in our construct we may manipulate the past to adapt to change. We can see this through Stephens parents who let go of their Jewish background to live as the facade of English people.

Society’s emends have led them to manipulate their reality Jewish people to those who are English to live somewhat comfortably and not face persecution. This clash between memory and present times leaves us to accept change and continue. Or we can remain in what we believe to be our own construct and stay tied to our memories and ignore any conflicting realities. This idea of staying tied to the past and memory is the source of many protests nowadays. We can take the protests that have stemmed from Prime Minister, Kevin Rudder’s decision to adopt the “PING solution” and divert all Australia mound asylum seekers to PING.

Where Rude goes beyond the past and sees the future to try and secure an election victory, the protesters have a conflicting reality. A reality in which they are content with how the past system worked and the notion of accepting asylum seekers tour shores. This signifies how we interpret the past and understand it differently and at times this leads to conflict. As humans, we are pretty selfish beings who use and shun memory to our own advantage to establish a better understanding of what we believe to be our own sense of self. Memories help us define and define what we understand of reality.

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