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What are Software Testing Types?Software testing types are the different approaches and strategies used to test that a software application fully tested, each type focuses on a particular test objective with different test strategy. To help you find out which kind of test is best suited for your projects, this article will clarify the most popular testing types along with detailed definition and goal.   Functional TestingFunctional testing is a type of software testing that clarify the performance of particular functions of a software application.The responsibility of functional testing is to make sure that the application and all of its functions work exactly as business requirements and qualify all specifications. It’s a primary testing method to check out that the output provided by each application function is the same with what’s expected.

GUI Testing Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing is a procedure of ensuring that the UI function – visual elements follow its specifications and identify the defects. The elements should be checked may include the design, menu bars, toolbars, colors, fonts, sizes, icons, content, buttons, etc. How do they interact with user actions? Performance TestingPerformance testing is primarily adopted to determine how a system behaves in terms of responsiveness, stability, reliability under individual workloads. With different kind of performance test, you will receive different data. For example, the KPIs report about number of virtual users, number of hits or errors per second, response time and the correlations between them. From that, you can find out the bottlenecks, bugs and errors.

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..easily. Figure 1: An example of Performance Test – Source: BlazemeterSecurity Testing Security Testing is a testing process that make sure the application and system are free from any possible loopholes and weaknesses which may lead to a big trouble for business like private information loss.

The purpose of Security Test is protecting organization’s information and checking whether the application is under vulnerable attack when hacker try to destroy the system or login without authentication. Unit TestingA unit test is the very single part of a program that can be tested, it can be anything from full functions to a small button of the software, you must make sure all the small units are able to work individually before confirming the whole software are ready to work. Unit tests may be done by by software developers to ensure that code follows the design and specifications and reacts as expected.The goal of unit testing is separating the application into particular parts to check they are working correctly.Integration TestingAs the name of integration testing, this kind of test is checking the interface and integration between components, interactions to between other parts of the system like operating system, file system and hardware…

Integration tests seem to be similar with unit tests excluding one thing: while unit tests are segregated from other elements, integration tests are not.Usability Testing Usability testing is the process of verifying the ease to use of a design within a group of target users. It often involves observing flexibility in handling controls and ability of the system to meet its objectives. It is a repeated process from early development to releasement.The main role of usability testing is to find out usability issues in a design as soon as possible, so they can be resolved it before the design is applied in production. Moreover, usability testing is usually implemented on prototypes more than on final products.

Load Testing Load testing is a type of performance testing that evaluate the natural load on any software, application, or website. It observes how the system behaves from normal to high loads and determines if it can handle high loads given a high demand of end users. This tool is typically conducted when the project is nearly for release.The benefits of load testing is discovering of obstacles before product’s release, control of system downtime, increase user satisfaction, and decrease failure costs.


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