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What might be some of the disadvantages? Lot of temporary workers hired. It is never safe to assume that a temporary worker is able to work unsupervised no matter how much training they may have (Schaefer, 2005).

2. Assume that you’re a prospective job seeker (which you may very well be). What do you personally see as the advantages and disadvantages of taking a temp-to-perm position? Under what circumstances are you most likely to take a temp-to-perm position? The advantage is being able to work in different areas and learning as you go. I would love to be able to try a different job every other month if I knew I could feel secure that I would eventually find a permanent job at one of these places. I think my biggest worry would be getting to a place and then finding out that the job isn’t really what I want and then having to go through the whole process is. I also feel like often times when you come into an organization with a temp to perm position you are working twice as hard as the permanent people, they look at their job as if they could never lose it, where I as a temporary person look at it as I have to work hard so I can become a Permanent employee.

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3. What sorts of challenges are likely to confront a manager who supervises a mix of temporary and permanent employees? In what ways might these challenges differ if the temporary workers have been hired on a temporary workers have been hired on a temp-to-perm basis rather than on a strictly temporary basis. Temporary employees may not work as hard because they feel like well this is just a temporary position if I lose the job it’s no big deal. This will then cause the permanent employees to have to work harder and pick up the slack of the temporary employee. If you do a temp-to-perm you are

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