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to an animal; and a male without good intentions would mean nothing to the world.

In my opinion,thinking of an idealistic man means that an individual would have something to offer to the world, orperhaps to another person, whether it’s optimism, a good heart, or understanding. Someone who isseen as relentless, pessimistic towards life, and immature could not be seen as man, and just a boy,because he wouldn’t have anything to offer besides tragedy, demise, and failure. Overall, being a man ismore than just being a male, but being a matured one who doesn’t argue his existence. A man meansmaturity, understanding, and being able to carry on reputation and own will successfully.Having looks can be deceiving, and having a good personality can be genuine.

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Any youngadolescent would first interpret that you must look good to win, or better yourself before anyone else,but that isn’t the case. You cannot label a handsome man with a horrible personality, because he wouldnot have the capability in offering good deeds. It is always stressed that you must have good characterbefore you can succeed appearance because you would mean nothing but a pit full of emptiness or apicture without meaning. Being a man means having the capability in succeeding in the world by beinggenuine and true; having both, on the other hand, is a bonus.Without maturity and time, a male cannot be labeled as a man because he would need time tounderstand his role and identity in the world. A young male at first, would not have the.

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