What consideration what cheating is bringing into

What is this Video Clip about?The video Clip is about how people react to the question “What is So important about Academic Integrity?”.

It seems that as a society, integrity, honesty and fairness are not common aspects of our society. Therefore, every single person that was interviewed took a moment to reply the question. People seems to not be familiarized with the term and that it was hard for them to address the subject.

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However, people realize how important the subject is and what academic integrity means for society. The three most critical issues are:As a student, we are in school to learn and to be prepared for the real world. If we cheat, we are not fully preparing ourselves for the workforce. Academic integrity it should be the first lesson taught in the school. As a student, we are obligated to do everything that we can learn and overcome any obstacle. Student need to know the importance of integrity both personally and professionally. Academic integrity is the most important lesson learned in the school that we are going to keep applying for the rest of our life.

If we don’t conduct ourselves with some integrity, we are going to suffer the consequences soon or later. We need to take in consideration what cheating is bringing into our lives. Academic integrity teaches a student to work hard for what you want in life and respects the work of others. The three most relevant lessons learned:It is our responsibility to take the right path and turn it into a practice for anything that we do in life. It is important understand the importance that a new generation has the concept of integrity, trust and honesty. It is extremely important for us as student to always have the following concepts present on everything that we do in life.

Another lesson learned on this video, academic Integrity is important because it ensures that student possess the responsibility to acquire skills honestly not only in the classroom but in the workforce. Choosing the right path, we are showing respect not only for the academic but for the society. How important is the honesty for us and for the society? People need to trust each other. Now we are a student, but we are preparing ourselves to be part of the society.

If we don’t learn this concept now that we are a student, we are comprising our ethical behavior both personally and professionally.


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