What 2016 the percentage of the overweight

What is the percentage of the obese population at world? At least by the year 2016, 39% of the world population with the age of 18 years or more was overweight, and 13% was obese. 41 million children of the age of 5 years or less were obese. Obesity progresses like time and there are several ways to avoid it because people die according to what they eat. There is a saying that says you are what you eat, nowadays people judge a lot what they see at first sight.

From 1975 to 2016 the percentage of the overweight and obese world population has tripled and the percentage of obese and overweight children is increasingly worrying. By living a healthy life, you will be fit and you´re able to do activities that you want. “There are a number of ways for individuals to better manage their stress without having to engage in unhealthy choices such as smoking or drinking,” said Stacey Reinoehl. An unhealthy life carries out many diseases, which is not recommendable to take a life with these habits: exercise less, eat junk food, sleep less, stay plugged in, smoke & drink alcohol. Unhealthy habits often cause our lives to collapse. ok everything starts if we do not have a good diet, all people have to maintain a good diet, not only to keep our internal organs healthy, it also helps us grow.

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We can avoid diseases such as hypertension and cancer. Living in a healthy way also fills us with happiness and makes us enjoy our lives more and more. If you maintain a healthy life you will have the opportunity to do activities that you have never done before or at least you have thought about doing it, for me the fact of maintaining a healthy life makes us feel good with ourselves knowing that I will not have to take a pill for any disease or infection, so do not abuse what we eatBye the way if we ask to a nutritionist These will give us some ways to continue with a balanced diet, this consists of a diet with minerals, and vitamins that we can find in fruits, vegetables and proteins. According to the website of American Academy of Family Physicians, he says that sometimes changing our eating habits can be difficult, and it is true, we must be very willing to stop eating what we like, but it is a benefit, so we can avoid diseases that some foods or drinks can bring to our bodies, exercise is also a fundamental part of a diet, exercise helps us eliminate toxins and salts that our bodies must expel daily. (world health organization , 2018)(bronson healthcare, 2018)(medicinenet, inc.

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