What soldiers. After the 1947 Indo-Pakistan separation things

What is the defense day? It is a day of utmost heroic proud ness for Pakistan and every Pakistani out there.

“6th September” What comes to our ears somewhat numb minds in a blink of eye, when we hear this date; It reminds all the people of Pakistan of the immense sacrifice of our beloved country. This date takes us back on a long journey of memories from our sacrifices made by our honorable herooes of the army. It is the day of the sacrifices of our soldiers.After the 1947 Indo-Pakistan separation things were normalized …

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although some of them were unresolved issues like water dispute and Kashmir issue the way to the way but things were somehow to some extent rationalizing.Then in 1956 out of the blue, the Indian army attacked Pakistan without any announcement, any sign or warning, it was done to start the army and take them off guard. The Indian forces did what they could do. Fantasy of capturing Pakistan. but only ALLAH knows best. The Pakistani soldiers did not even fear a second with fear but with high hopes in ALLAH and love for their country fought against those savage monsters. The Pakistani army fought with great valor.

.they’re weapons were the most powerful of all bravery, courage, compassion and love of their country and uncountless prayers they were from all over the country. Their souls were ready for the honor of being martyred.


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