What Executive Overreach on Immigration Act of

What is the bill’s title and description?-Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act of 2014 Where was the bill introduced?-In Judiciary House Who proposed the bill and why?-Rep Yoho, Ted S because he wanted to restore Article I legislative powers to Congress and help stop President Obama’s executive order which has been realized today has granted amnesty to roughly 5 million illegal aliens.What would the bill do if passed? Where are the people that it would affect?-It would prohibit the executive branch of the government from: exempting or deferring from removal, by executive order, regulation, or any other means, categories of aliens considered under the immigration laws to be unlawfully present in the United States; treating such aliens as if they were lawfully present or had a lawful immigration status; or treating them other than as unauthorized aliens. The people that it would affect are outside of the US trying to come to the US. How does it aim to affect illegal immigrants?-By trying to keep them over in their country so they can’t reside to the US.

How might it affect the government?-It would end President Obama’s executive action on immigration and restore the Congress’ constitutional role as the body to craft legislation.How might it affect other citizens?-By helping them maintain their job and to help cease possible chaos and commotion toward aliens coming to take their jobs and invade their space. What are the arguments for the bill? What are the arguments against it?-Arguments against the bill is that people think it isn’t fair to give immigrants a chance for a new life for them and their family. They think that ” anyone in Congress that would permit an illegal alien to stay in the US is as criminal as the illegal aliens.” Arguments for the bill is that it’s good to see that people are trying to better their lives and come to the US for moral help.

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