What themselves. Social prejudice is when people

What is prejudice? What causes one to be prejudice? In To Kill a Mockingbird, there were three types of prejudice: racial, social, and sexual.

Racial prejudice was shown in many ways.For example, Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white woman.It was clear to see that he was a disable Black man.Even though Atticus had provided enough evidence to acquit Tom of all charges he still went to prison.In addition, to Tom’s disadvantage of being Black the juror were all white.

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Back in those days we know that if Black men were accused of even looking atwhite women they were dead meat.Tom really did not have a chance of winning the case because of his race.In conclusion, Blacks were discriminated because they were black and not how we carried themselves. Social prejudice is when people are discriminated because of their lifestyles.For example, Scout’s teacher was mean to Scoutbecause her wealth and that she could read.On the first day of school Scout tried to give Walter Cummingham money for lunch and Scout’s teacher got mad at her.Even though, Scout offered to give Walter a quarter he rejected it because, his family did not like to take handouts.In addition, to Scout’s teacher not liking her because of her wealth she did not like the fact that Atticus was teaching Scout how to read.She told Scout that Atticus needed to stop teaching her how to read.As a result, Atticus told Scout that she had to compromise with the teacher.Judging people on how much money they have or how much they know, is a bad way to find.

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