February before he pulls the trigger I hear

February 10, 2016Mrs. WheatEnglish.                                        Reflective EssayBOOM! Goes the sound of a grenade exploding right in front of me, as I duck into a building. Bullets are whizzing everywhere, I see two of my teammates crumple to the ground.

I knew this would be brutal round as once again I see another teammate shot be the enemy sniper. I felt like this was the end, I was out of ammunition and I could hear the enemy searching for me through the buildings. I see an enemy soldier through the window praying that he wouldn’t look inside.

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Our eyes meet through the window and I knew this was where I die; but right before he pulls the trigger I hear the crack of an M16 assault rifle and I see him fall to the ground. My last teammate had saved me. He resupplied me with ammo and we advanced into the enemy territory eliminating all eight players on their team and winning.

I was totally entranced by his sacrifice and his skills that I totally forgot to stay on my guard because little had I known I was actually being scammed and used.        Trust is a characteristic that takes lots of effort and time to gain, but it only takes a second to lose or betray it. I experienced this a small dose while playing a video game with this guy I met online. We had played for a while and I somewhat trusted him, we shared the same base, same teammates; some of the same weapons and armor.

However, I did not trust him completely and I greatly rushed the amount of privileges that I gave him after just 1 round of playing with him. We were playing a team deathmatch round and all but us were dead on our team, it was a two on eight fight. I decided that he had earned my trust and I gave him some of my gear out of my personal safe and said he could use it if he returned it after the fight. The fact that I let him use this gear was a big deal, because that was armor that I had saved up for months and bought with my own earnings. A certain action that he committed in a previous round gave me the confidence to trust him. I was trapped in a corner and out of the blue he came in and shot all the guys and sacrificed himself to save me, at that moment I really thought that he was worthy to trust.

        It was a tough and painful battle; it lasted several hours and took great coordination and planning with my partner. The point of the game was to make our way to the other side of the map, kill anyone we see then destroy their spawn point, then eliminate the remainder enemies. We went on to defeat the team and as a reward, we received more money than we could ever need, and the best armor in the game. This was protection ten, Blast protection ten and Projectile protection ten, this say that this armor protects us from explosions, bullets, melee attacks or anything else.

What happened next would change how I played and how I lived in general. Before I knew it this guy was attacking me in my own armor and by my own weapon that I lent to him. My teammate had killed me, stolen all my gear, raided our base and cleared it out then destroyed it; I was left with nothing. I realized that I should have played more than just one round with him before giving him that much trust and credibility.

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