We the actual feeling. A path down memory

        We don’t remember days, we remember moments                                       –Cesare  Pavese        What is a memory? A memory something remembered from the past; special moments that tell our story. A million feelings come along with a simple memory. Some memories are heat warming, they are unforgetable they are and will remain vivid in your mind. Memories may be positive, but there are also sorrowful ones. Sorrowful memories might be due to the death of a special person that is no longer in our life. It may be downhearted because of how much you miss the actual feeling.        A path down memory lane may bring joy to you but to your heart it brings an even stronger feeling. Remembering the pleasant experiences makes living happy.

 A memory is something special you have not forgotten, something that will stay with you forever. Memories are photographs taken by the mind and stored away in the brain. A memory is something you should not be afraid to create, but always be able to capture the moment..I believe memories are important they stay with you for as long as you may remember them. Growing up I’ve had plenty of memories, some sad, some happy.

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My most favorite memories are the ones I’ve spent with my family. Unforgettable moments like the time my dad helped my brother and I build a fort made out of a ripped swimming pool or a slip n’ slide we did not use anymore, created our own skateboard wagon. We made plenty of inventions, growing up I had plenty of fun. Some other memories worth re living would be all those road trips and family vacations we took.

A trip to the theatres or just the fair, a long road trip to Colorado, funny moment that happened in Las Vegas, our trips to the beach, Los Angeles, Portland, Fresno and much more are all trips in which I have plenty of  wonderful memories that I will not forget anytime soon.  Millions of memories were created those days. Growing up it was always full of adventures traveling to new places..I think that the only reason people hold onto memories so tight is because memories are the only things that don’t change or don’t leave when everybody else does.  A memory is like a knife, it can hurt you.

A hurtful memory is like the day my dad and mom separated. All those wonderful times we spent together as a family, all those happy and joyful evenings spent by each other’s side are now memories that bring sadness to my heart. It hurts me not to have my family as I once did.

There is times I’d rather not remember those memories, when I do they always bring a heartache and despair to my heart. I dislike seeing a dad with his little girl; it simply brings back a thousand of memories of my dad and me. All those times he carried me around because I never wanted to leave him alone. Although I will forever carry the memories I’ve had with my dad.

But I am thankful for my step dad and for all those new memories created with my mom, brother, and sister have created with him. Although my dad’s memories are the ones I cherish the most. I think it’s the fact I do not see him as often to why I miss all those good old times. I am very glad I have captured all those memories with my dad. Those memories are something I do not want to lose..

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