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What are Robots?A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. Or doing anything that humans don’t prefer to do.Over  the  years  robots  have  helped  us  a  lot.  They  have  helped  us  humans  in  a  lot  of fields  for  example  in  the  filming  field  first  people  had  to  rent  a  helicopter  and  put  their camera  men  on  there  to  get  the  high  moving  shot.  Now  all  the  people  have  to  do  is  fly a  quadcopter  and  the  can  get  the  same  quality  of  picture  there  were  to  if  they  flew  in a  helicopter.  Some  other  ways  before  real  police  officers  or  an  army  person  had  to  risk their  life  to  go  find  it  or  defuse  the  bomb.  Now  they  have  a  robot  that  they  can  control and  find  or  defuse  the  bomb.  They  have  also  helped  us  in  space  before  humans  had  to  go  and  collect minerals  in  the  space  but  now  robots  can  collect  minerals.  Some   robots  have  even  started  to  take  over  stuff  now  day’s t if  you  are  feeling  kind  of  lazy and  don’t  want  to  vacuum.  Then  you  can  tell  your  robotic  hover  who  will  clean  the mess  you  have  made  and  go  back  to  charging  if  it’s  low  on  it.  Robot  are  kind  of negative  too  the  reason   for  that  because  now  they  are  taking  over  people  job’s.  Now you  have  automated  cash  registers  and  in  some  places  even  a  robotic  bartender.  Who will  serve  you  drinks  and  will  happily  take  your  money.  Robots  are  also  doing  people’s groceries,  and  also  delivering  food  to  people  doors  now.   Robots  can  be  seen  both  ways  Positive  or  Negative.  You  see  them  as  negative or  positive   the  reason  you  might  think  they  are  not  good for  our  society  is  because  jobs  can  be  lost.  If  there  will  be  robots  doing  everything  then  a  lot  of  humans   wouldn’t  be  able  to  support  their  families  because  no  one  will  be making  money. The  UCSF  Medical  Center  recently  launched  an  automated,  robotics controlled  pharmacy  at  two  UCSF  hospitals.  The  pharmacy  system,  which  was  phased  in  over  the  past  year. So  far  has  prepared  350,000  doses  of  medication  without  error.” Robots  can  automatically  have  these  prescriptions  detailed  so  that  there  are  no  mistakes at  all,  but  we  will  lose  human  interaction  between  customers  . Robots  are  not  a  good thing  that  scientists  should  put  the  effort  into  making  come  to  life.  They  are  going  to roune  the  interaction  of  human  beings  amongst  each  other  if  they  begin  to  become  very  popular.  I  do  not  see  robots  to  be  a  positive  impact  on  the  way  our  ever  changing  society  handles  themselves  as  individuals  or  as  a  generally  large  population.  If you see them as positive. The  use  of  robots  frees  us  from  the  need  to have  a  job,  seeing  as  they  can  do  everything  for  us. This  allows  us  for  more opportunities  to  use  our  minds  rather  than  our  hands,  leading  to  a  large  increase  in intelligence  and  happiness.  The  Society  at   first,  the   robots  will  be  only  in  some  places, not  removing  the  need  of  jobs  but  removing  the  option  of  having  a  job  for  many. Eventually  this  will  lead  to  no  one  needing  a  job,  but  at  first  it  will  be  very  difficult  for everyone.  This  could  lead  to  alternate  sources  of  resources  that  we  are  currently  running  out  of,  and  would  allow  us  to  mine  parts  of  the  Earth  that  would  not  necessarily  harm  the  rest  of  it.  In  the  military  fields  robots  improve  military  operations and  protect  soldiers’  lives  by  replacing  them  in  dangerous  interventions.  These  military robots  have  been  constantly  perfected  overtime.  As  a  result  they  started  to  be  used  in  a  large  variety  of  ways,  reaching  from  military  operations  such  as  spying  to  interventions which  are  highly  dangerous.  Robots  are  now  even  mainstreaming  into  our  everyday lives.  Yes,  there  is  a  field  out  there  for robots  in  the  household.  In  Japan  such  helpers are  predicted  to  be  part  of  each  home  by  the  year  2016.  Taking  care  of  duties  which are  time  consuming,  such  as  a  vacuum  cleaning  and  lawn  mowing,  these  robots  have managed  to  free  people  from  such  tasks. Lastly,  robots  are  having  positive  impacts  in the  fields  of  education  and  scientific  research.  Currently,  robots  are  being  used  for teaching  purposes  and  knowledge  gathering.  By  using  robots  as  an  education  aid, people  can  obtain  more  information  about,  for example,  how  robots work  and  how  they can  be  programed. In  the  scientific  field,  scientists  use  robots  in  research  programs  in order  to  gain  knowledge  and  or  samples  from  inaccessible  environments  where  humans could  not  set  foot. Opinion: I do not want to see robots take over the work force, and see people become too dependent on them. Robots soon will have the ability to be programmed to do anything they are designed to do. Millions of jobs in the work force will be lost, and people will rely on computers to do everything possible. Also individuals can easily be attached to these computer programmed objects, objects that are unable to feel joy or anything . Happiness or joy  is something that cannot be computer programmed into a machine. If robots become everything, in return love will be overshadowed by wires and automated voices.


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