What Do We Do With Howard essay

Mel had often caught some small errors before things got out of hands. However, due to recently changes to the plant location, things had been different between Mel and Howard. Due to expansion of the company, another supervisor had decided to move the survey group to the ech office 1/2 mile away from the plant. Immediately, Howard felt good about the changes because he had more room for his equipments and no one would bothered them at the new location; however, Howard seems to be taking advantage of the situation.

According to Mel Cutler, ‘iHe started to coming to work late and leaving early couples of times each week, also he had been taking naps after lunch, justifying it by saying that he often worked late and was just making up the Beside that, Mel also notice Howard made errors on the job because of the way he kept his notes, so he brought up the issue to him, and got a negative response. The debate continued for several weeks, and since then, the only verbal exchanges between them had been terse and directly concerned with the job.The enjoyment of hisjob is gone and Lineberry often dreaded coming to Meanwhile, personnel changes rapidly at the plant, after Mel got hired, they hired Lee Miller as a plant manager, he is indecisive as a manager but a good engineer. He was the one who decided to move the tech office. After that decision, Miller had arrange Howard and other surveyors to report to Frank Silverton, who had been there for only 8 years, and stating he had more experience in urvey than anyone else at the plant.

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Miller also hired Vince Adams, a high school graduate to help out Howard at the survey. In the recent year, A engineering graduate, Tad Pierson, was hired, he moved up from a project engineer to supervisor of survey group for just one year of time, and now, he has to decide if there should have a survey department after all. Finding of fact 1 0B concept- Generational differences Agrigreen Inc manufacture had been around for a long time, during the 18 years of service in Agrigreen, Howard Lineberry saw a lot of changes made in the company.

For example, Jerry Given, the person who hired him was etired, after him, he worked with people similar age like Mel Cutler, “they both had young families and shared many of the same outside interest. ” (What)Then there is Burt Jacobs, “an engineer about half Miller’s age and several years younger than Lineberry. “(What) Then there is Vince Adams, a “just out of high school young man” (What) that work with Lineberry.

Generational differences can be challenging in a work place, According to American Management association,” the four generations that make up our nation’s workforces are The matures, who born before 1 964, values hard ork; baby boomers, who born between 1946 to 1964, vales loyalty, Generation X, born between 1965 to 1980, value work-life balance and lastly the Generation Y, values innovation and change. (AMA) With a diverse workforce can be challenge, for example, according to the text, ” gen Y’ers had never been experienced life without a microwave, computer or a television remote, they are the first generation to have used e-mail, instant messaging and cell phones since childhood… they are lack of independence because they are so connected to others, and they often need more direction han Gen X’ers or 514-515) By looking at Howard’s case, observe there was a lot of new generation forces being added, the main issue I saw was trust and respect.When new workers started working with Howard, they passed judgments on Howard like “disorganized and possibly lazy”, “Slow and Stupid”(What). These nonessential comments must be stop. In order for diverse workforce to get along, everyone must learn to respect others.

According to AMA, “older individuals talked about respect in terms of “giving my opinions the weight I believe they deserve,” while younger espondents characterized respect as “listen to me, pay attention to what I have to say. (AMA) For a more proactive recommendations, believed the company should implement a better communication channel, limit negative stereotyping and implement a positive workforce by respect, provide feedbacks to employees, or in another words, an HR department. Everyone wants to know how they are doing at his/her job, and if there are any way of improvement. In Howard’s case, I believed supervisor should implement a monthly evaluation to all employees, discuss with them on what they should mprove on their job.

Point out how to communicate better to other employees and learn how to work with each other. Finding of Fact 2 0B Concept- Stress observe this 0B concept when Howard made a “considerably huge error when fixing the location of a new mill, this error cost time and money to rebuilt the foundation”, and shortly after, no one liked Howard. He experienced “biting comments and pure hell from coworkers, and also consider quitting”.However, because of his family members, he had to stick with his job since “good jobs are hard to come by” (What) Shortly after the ncident, no one trusted his work, his supervisor decided to hire someone to double check on him. This gesture made work become unbearable, and he began to dreaded himself to work.

Howard’s source Of Stress is from interpersonal relations. “Teams and groups have a great impact on the behavior of employees. When relationships are poor, they can become sources of stress.In addition, workplace incivility had been found to negatively impact individual and organizational performance. “(Hellriegel 225) To fix the current issue, I suggest Agrigreen to off source a Ethics hotline for a source of complaint channels. From my observation, Howard had nowhere to go or anyone to talk to after the incident. Management team only try to eliminate the mistakes by hiring new surveyor to watch over Howard, but never offer a second chance to Howard to redeem himself or made any kind of work suggestion to help him avoid any future mistakes.

evertheless, they allowed other workers to say awful comments when Howard was around. This cost “emotional, physiological and behavioral effect” (Hellriegel 225) on Howard. For a more proactive recommendations, management team should implement a program to modify employee’s behaviors. There are programs such as “team building career counseling, workshop on time management, workshops on job burnout and training in relaxation techniques.These programs may help workers to clarify their job descriptions and duties, reducing the magnitude of these potential stressors, and at the same time, reduce career concerns while improving the ability of employees to cope with career problems. ” (Hellriegel 237) Finding of Fact 3 0B concept- Clan culture According to the text, in clan culture, it’s members recognize an obligation beyond simple exchange of labor for a salary, they understand that ontributions to the organization may exceed any contractual agreements.

The individual’s long term commitment to the organization is exchange for the organization’s long term commitment to the individual. (Hellriegel 491) I observe this concept based on the years everyone been employed at Agrigreen, mostly, everyone had been with the company for more than 10 years, they build trust and loyalty to the corporation, and the company award them by promotion. However, in the past 5 years, things had been changing since Howard and Mel had moved to the new job site, Howard became lazy nd often came to work late and leave work early.

He also took naps after lunch.During Ted’s visit, he witness Howard and Vince both sound asleep, and didn’t recognized his present. At this point, believed Tad Pierson should fired Howard, because he broke the contract of being loyalty and didn’t perform his obligation to the company. He didn’t perform his job duty but collecting company wages. This is a breach of contract that he should be terminated for. And finally, for a more proactive recommendation, I suggest Agrigreen should create a evaluation department which could recognize and valuate workers based on their skills and job performance quality.

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