What work, courage, and skill are all three

What characteristic makes people successful?Success will never come when one gives up trying to achieve it.

Success comes primarily as a result of the effort ones put in. The one who has the greatest amount of hard work, courage, dedication and skill, will be the one who becomes the most successful. Hard work, courage, and skill are all three difficult goals to be the best at. If one has a positive attitude and works hard to meet his full potential, the chances of achieving success are much greater. A hard working person may not be the best at everything because of the lack of talent, but one will definitely be one of the best. The effort and time a hard working person puts in gets the job done better than any other.

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So positive attitude through all the difficult issues makes one a successful person.Dedication plays a huge role in reaching success. How can someone ever get the job done without success? Having dedication will help one achieve long and short term goals. If one is dedicated to their work they will not leave it out even when other obstacles get in the way. Dedicated is the key to every single goal and reaching the majority of them will make the chance of success even much greater.

O the other hand skills are extremely important in order to achieve both long term and short tern goeals. Getting to one’s maximum potential involves a great amount of skill. Hard work and dedication alone is a combination that makes a person successful but adding skill will make the person more successful than one could ever imagine.Hard work, dedication, and skill leads to a successful person. Being successful will make you a happier person in the long term.

Keep striving for the goal, work hard, and don`t give up and success will come on its own.


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