Group: an industrial country, the strategy for

Group: QH2013.F1.E16.English 4C*/ Project 3 – Entry# 4 – Draft1Outline:.I. Renewable energy resources:.

Geo -> tropical +sea -> wind+solar.Pollution.II. Certificated forests.Define.Climate change.

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Biology diversity.Spare for future generation.Topic: what are the two most important things that people need to do in order to ensure a sustainable future?As Vietnam is undergoing the transition from an agricultural to an industrial country, the strategy for an sustainable development is essential. There are several steps that can be well applied for the balance between the our consumption of resources and the capacity of nature. Out of them are two most outstanding methods that Vietnam should initially turn into reality. The first important step involves seeking for renewable energy resources.

Vietnam is on its way to industrialism, hence, the demand for energy is growing more rapidly than ever before. With the position in tropical zone and ocean-facing, Vietnam’s geography, without doubt, can supply this demand. The all-year sunlight in almost all territory and endless wind force in more than forty provinces are promising sources for the flourishment of renewable energy industry. In addition, solar and wind power are environment-friendly energies, which can certainly relieve the strain of pollution situation on Vietnam at the moment. Therefore, the investment into this new energy proves to be worthwhile in many ways. Another strategy that Vietnam should take immediate action in is applying the certificated forest. The current jungle resource is unwisely exploited, which leads to the escalating level of exhaustion.

Certificated forest is a method in which loggers are carefully-trained and the number of cut-down trees are under strict control in order to maintain sustainable forest. Once it is brought into existence, this method can alleviate the extreme of climate change effect on Vietnam through the green canopies. Moreover, the faunal diversity can be maintained as forest, their habitat, is preserved. This strategy also benefit our future generation as it serves as a spare heritage for them.

In conclusion, research on renewable enregy resources and certificated forest application can not be dismissed on the long-term strategy for Vietnam’s sustainable future. However, these steps may take us a durable time to accomplish as they involve mountable investment and training on labor..

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