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Mr. Green.LAL102         4/26/16Rhetorical Analysis        In his in depth article titled, “What are the political challenges preventing the Legalization of Hemp in the US?” undergraduate at Carleton College in Minnesota, Dustin Michel’s enters the highly debated field of industrial hemp in the United States. Although young (the same age as myself), Dustin has been able to produce multiple academic papers in his short writing career, while also pursuing a degree and having almost 10 different internships and volunteer projects that have allowed to travel the world.

This piece, like his other work shows his love for our earth, and the relentless pursuit of creating a better world for future generations by allowing the uses of cheap, clean renewable energy..        Dustin’s through article on hemp is one of the most in depth articles available on industrial hemp legalization, he begins by defining industrial hemp as a cousin plant to cannabis yet they remain two distinctly different plants. With cannabis containing the psychoactive chemical THC that produces the “high” felt by consumers, hemp does not contain any more than a maximum of .03% THC, which makes it useless as a drug. Then continues to give a background and history of the plants usage throughout history, starting as far back as 4000 B.C.

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when the usage consisted primarily of rope and other fibers, also elaborating on the almost 25,000 uses for this plant today..Unlike most scholarly articles, Dustin isn’t afraid to discuss corrupt politics when writing about the mystery of why hemp is illegal in the US. The section on this topic never directly makes claims that lobbyist in the paper and chemical industry played a large role in the illegalization process, but shows statistics show a strong correlation between the two. After alluding to these subtle points, he transitions to the second part of his article, which delves deeper into the reasons why, if hemp is such amazing and useful plant its prohibition continues. Citing concerns from the public and governmental agencies such as the DEA, that legalization of hemp will cause an explosion of marijuana cultivation and use.

Also, speaking on the dark cloud of stigma that surrounds hemp in the public eye..Dustin’s piece is a complex and compelling statement on why industrial hemp should be legal in the US, never blatantly stating that he believes from his heart that hemp should be legal, yet just states facts that support the idea.

The perspective of this paper uses ethos to allow the reader to make their own assumptions on the topic presented, instead of having someone else ideas spoon feed to them, showing the uses in today’s world, and how big business can effect government policy, yet he doesn’t go quiet as deep into the reasons for continuing prohibition..Using ethos to solidify his thesis, Dustin has to use almost half of his essay describing what hemp actually is and how we go to where we are today with prohibition. Explaining very thoroughly, demonstrates how hemp has been used almost since the beginning of recorded time, and that even King Henry VIII backed the cultivation of hemp as “vital resource.” The highlight that hits home to most readers is Dustin’s description of the possible economic effects of legalization, presenting supported evidence that shows the US hemp industry is valued at $500 million as of 2012. Continuing on this piece of evidence he goes on to explain that the United States, because of prohibition of cultivation our country has to import most of its hemp through Canada, who don’t pay us taxes on importation because of NAFTA..If the economic affects weren’t enough for the reader grasp the issue at hand, when continuing reading the positive environmental effects are brought to center, explaining that hemp is far more efficient in monetary return, energy production and for human consumption.

With corn being the most produced crop in the United States, one would think that a large profit is being made naturally, but this is only true because of the large subsides that our government pours into the crop which allows farms to sell for less than the production costs. The thought of fossil fuels being eradicated on a global scale seems to be impossible but, Dustin shows that this is false when presenting stats that show one acre of hemp can produce the equivalent of 18 to 25 barrels of oil..

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