What are the effects of mass media essay

The decline of newspapers over the past twenty years is sad. Then the radio came along and people started listening to it. They would listen to major events, news, music and entertaining talk shows. Around the fifties came the television.

This was mind blowing for many people. Television was the main source for media and getting information out to the public. They were able to see the president speak and address the nation on important events. Computer came around shortly after, but many people could not afford them.

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Once the internet came around it spread like a wild fire. At first computer and the internet were big, bulky and really slow. We started with dial up internet, with the loud annoying noise. Now a days we can access the internet at a very fast speed. You can be on the internet and the telephone at the same time.

This was not always possible. Now you can access information from around the world and speeds faster than ever before. How did each development influence American culture? The development of the newspaper and magazines changed the world in many ways.

Not only did it give people all over the place a chance to know what was going on around them but it also created a lot of jobs for a lot of people. People were able to write for the paper, sell the on the corner, or house to house, they could work in the printing press. They were able to see documentation of important events. The radio was something people had to work hard to get and enjoyed very much.

By having a radio they could listen to music, and talk shows that entertained the family. It would also give you important information on what was happening around the world.The television changed the world event more than newspapers and magazines.

It started out in black and white only, they had small screens and were rather bulky and took up a lot of space. This allowed the public to see the people they had been listening to. They could watch thing they never imagined.

Then the television came in color. When the internet started up it changed everything about the way people do things. Now you can access the internet form anywhere with a cell phone or a tablet.

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