What people might do in different kind of

What is Organizational Behavior?Organizational Behavior is all about the study insuch a way that groups of people interact within each other. To create moreefficient business organization this type of study is done. The basic attemptis to come into an efficient conclusion related with this study. Basically it means,this study has a scientific approach which is applied to the management ofworkers by just studying organizational behaviors.

To maximize the output ofindividual group member organizational behavior theories are used. Why is Organizational behaviorImportant? In an Organization it provides a road map to human’s life. As we know Organizational Behavior helps in predicting what people might do in different kind of circumstances this approach is only done by scientific research by understanding organizational life.

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It helps to understand and predict organizational events. With proper knowledge of OB, one can understand him/her in better Manner. Mangers can manage human resource effectively.

Example: Motivation. It helps Organization for maintaining a better cordial Industrial relations. It is even used in the field Marketing.       OB Theories that can be used on Employees as motivation.Theory X andTheory Y-:These two theories are basically for humanmotivation which was developed and later introduced by Douglas McGregor in MITSloan of Management in 1957.He presented this at the conference that he had inMIT.

These two theories literally describe contrasting models of workforcewhich applies motivation by the managers in HRM, OB, Organizationalcommunication and organizational development as well. According to these twodifferent models, they show how workers are motivated from the bases of thesetwo managerial styles. The importance of penalties: in contrast, strictsupervision and external rewards are shown in theory x whereas theory yconsists of workers getting encouraged by the approach of task withoutsupervision and motivation of job satisfaction.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs-: This is oneof the motivational theory by Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory which                  says that humans psychologyare comprised of five tier model of human needs, which is often depicted ashierarchical levels within a pyramid. The pyramid consists ofSelf-actualization at the top then Esteem then Social then safety and at lastthe Physiological. Two-FactorTheory-:The twofactor theory which is also known as Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory orthe dual factor theory states that many possible factors may create for you ajob satisfaction at the same time there will be factors that will create adissatisfaction for the same job.

He also said job satisfaction andDissatisfaction act total independently of each other. Personality TheoryCattell’s 16PF TraitTheory-:In this theory 16factors are described which according to him, everyone has varying degree ofthese traits developed and only way to find out these degrees is byquestionnaire results which modify the set central traits and measures them.Cattell’s 16PFtraits consists of mainly warmth,reasoning, emotional stability, dominance, liveliness, rule consciousness ,social boldness , sensitivity , vigilance, abstractedness, privateness,apprehensiveness, openness to change , self-reliance, perfectionism , tension. Tripartite Theory ofPersonality -:This personalitytheory consist of three major traits that is ID, Ego and Super Ego.

These arethe few parts that are developed at different phases in our life. This theoryand Freud’s theory are quiet similar. 


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