What cocoa butter, essential oils, moisturizers and other

Whatis it about chocolate that affects our mind, body and soul the way it does?What does chocolate do to us?”Well here’s the good news. Chocolate contains flavinoids and antioxidants,which help reduce blood pressure. Of course a large part of the chocolatepleasure is in the taste, a deliciously rich concoction that satisfies the mostintense craving.

But, several chemical reactions are also at work. Chocolate stimulates thesecretion of endorphins producing pleasurable sensations and seratonin alsofound in edible chocolate is shown to have mood lifting effects! So what thismeans is that we end up having feelings of happiness, love and passion. Thereal truth however, is that scientists are not really positive how the over 300chemicals contained in chocolate make us feel so great.In most parts of the world chocolate is associated with romance, and notwithout good reason. It was viewed as an aphrodisiac by the Aztec’s who thoughtit invigorated men and made women less inhibited. So when it was firstintroduced to Europe, it was only natural thatchocolate quickly became the ideal gift for a woman to receive from an admireror a loved one, and of course, vice versa.

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So we had the marriage of chocolateand Valentines Day.But when a chocolate sauce is massaged into your feet or body at a Spa, what isit doing? Well first, it’s not a melted HERSHEY bar applied to the skin rightfrom the microwave. This treatment is created for the body from chocolate oils,cocoa butter, essential oils, moisturizers and other healthy hydratingingredients and yes, it smells just like chocolate brownies. (not edible, butvery nosefriendly.)The Chocolate Spa treatment is massaged, pressed, slathered, and pasted on thefeet, legs and/or body of anyone who wants to indulge. Here’s what happens witha chocolate pedicure: the feet are soaked and rubbed with a scrub that is clearin color, but smells like a freshly baked chocolate cake.

After the scrub isremoved a mixture that looks and smells of Hershey’s finest is painted on thefeet and legs. Hot towels are then wrapped around the feet and legs and afterten minutes the chocolate is wiped away leaving soft, exfoliated, hydratedskin. In the next step, the feet are massaged after being covered with oil thatsmells of chocolate-covered raspberries. It is warm and hydrating on dry winterskin, and therapeutic in every sense.But, the only thing that really matters for chocoholics like me is that thebenefits of spa chocolate services in pedicures, body treatments, and massagesis nothing short of spectacular. Your mind, body, and soul are left feelingpampered and ooh so special.

So, we think it’s both an aphrodisiac and therapeutic.


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