WH its business around, ‘Creating value for

WH Smith aimsWH Smith main aim will be to provide a good service to all customers, while providing an acceptable return for its shareholders. WH Smith has a key phrase which WH Smith basis its business around, 'Creating value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty'.WH Smith listen to the customers needs better than any other business, as they provide an excellent service (customer service).

This would help retain customers and gain a healthy profit. WH Smith has located each of these stores in an excellent location around the UK. While they gain customer loyalty by doing this they will also gain a steady income so they will be able to share some of its profits with its shareholders. However if they don’t make customer loyalty and gain a steady income, they will lose money and so will its shareholders. The shareholder of a WH Smith is always at risk of losing their money, which is why WH Smith offer a better return than that of a bank where the shareholder is at no risk of losing money. Another of WH Smith ’s aims is to look after their customers as customers are very important because they provide income to the business. Also WH Smith need to do their best to deliver good products at a cheap price to their customers and the public. WH Smith aim to treat all their customers in an appropriate manner.

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By doing this WH Smith will gain customer satisfaction and lifetime loyalty. By treating their customer’s well WH Smith will also get a good reputation and also they may gain other competitors customers. WH Smith also aims to understand their external customers needs better. Therefore, WH Smith carries out market research to find out the customers needs. They produce surveys and questionnaires for the customers to fill out. Using market research, they can see how their products may compare to other similar stores like Woolworths and which products the customers like the best. WH Smith also understands what customers aim to look for in their stores:Good value productsCare and attention from employees working thereA good after sales serviceCorrect information about the product Rapid response to enquiries Clear and honest informationHelp with individual or general issuesWH Smith welcome all types of customers, which is why they have set their aim to produce all different types of products like books to suit different people’s needs.

They also make sure all their prices are low enough to attract more customers into the store. This is important as the customers bring in income into the business, also the prices might be high as WH Smithmight have a few high quality products.WH Smith aim to be enthusiastic towards their customers and help them out whenever there is something wrong with the type of good, clothing or any other product. WH Smith aims are very good because people tend to spend their money with a company, which provides good customer service. However people will not like to shop at a store which has poor customer service.

Customers will want clear and honest information about the product the want to buy from the employee working at WH Smith. To improve the customer service, Tesco can send their employees for away for customer service training.WH Smith has a long term strategy for growth, based on 3 key parts: growth in the Core UK business, to expand by growing internationally, and to follow customers into new retailing services.WH Smith main purpose is to create a value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty.Their success depends on people.

The people who shop at WH Smith and the people who work for them.If the WH Smith customers prefer what WH Smith offer to them rather than going to competitors, they are more likely to come back and shop with them again.If the WH Smith team find what they do rewarding, they are more likely to go that extra mile to help their customers.This is expressed as two key values:No-one tries harder for customers, and .

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